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Alright, I'm starting a Dungeons & Dragons campaign with some friends, and I'll be recording our adventures here. This will be my character's backstory... Mind you, I'm not the most creative writer, so bear with me :P
Everything relating to this is a work in progress, and may update frequently with new or different information.

[Date to be Determined]

This could be it. This could be the job that will allow me to disappear, and live out the rest of my life in peace with all the gold I shall ever need.

I was approached last night by what appeared to be a male Drow, and was tasked to seek out the Dark Lord, Amalica. I must extract any and all useful information about the target's whereabouts, and kill her. Then, I must find her sister, kill her to finish the contract, and collect my pay.

I care not about the power balance of the Drow houses, only that I get paid in the end. My blades have been stained enough over the years since I left Master Ashrund behind. To think that I would be kidnapped from my tribe at such a young age, and be trained as an Elemental Assassin... Unfathomable. I cannot shake this feeling, though, that things shall not go as planned...…
I can't even describe the disappoint at how close we came to having a Kingdom Hearts anime. Oh well XD


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